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We've known for a long time that the Sympathetic Nervous System activates during fight or flight. What we haven't known is exactly how far the repercussions reach when a person stays wound-up and in that fight or flight zone for extended periods of time. We always thought this was automatic, but there are actually ways we can intervene.

The SD Protocol links a diverse range of seemingly 'random' health conditions that occur as a result of Sympathetic Dominance. It pairs these symptoms with a set of easy tools that can bring the patient from hopelessness to health. The SD Protocol shows you what to look for and empowers you with the skills and know-how to treat Sympathetic Dominance.

With his book launched Dr. Wayne is now providing training sessions for Chiropractors, the graduates of which will be listed as recommended practitioners for SD Protocol readers.


Watch this video to see how easy it is to navigate through the modules.

What you will learn

  • How to clinically recognise signs and symptoms of Sympathetic Dominance
  • The connections and physiology behind the Sympathetically Dominant body
  • The common causes of Sympathetic Dominance
  • The tools you can use to help patients with Sympathetic Dominance
  • How to implement into your Practice on Monday Morning
  • Adjustment techniques for SD Protocol
  • Access to SD Protocol In-person technique workshop
  • SD Protocol Practitioner Certification and Advertising
  • Access to Practice materials and tools to help your patients with SD

Course Overview

Module One

Sympathetic Dominance Overview

  • How Sympathetic Dominance might be affecting your patients and how to recognise it.

Module Two

Nuclei of the mesencephalon
  • Meet the kids in the back of the 4WD
  • Understand complex neuroanatomy and physiology

Module Three

Posture, Adrenal activation and exhaustion
  • The connection between poor posture and stress
  • Link between stress and your other hormones

Module Four

Oestrogen Dominance
  • How stress can affect your Oestrogen levels
  • The knock on effect of Low Progesterone and high Oestrogen 

Module Five


  • The Stress, Oestrogen, Thyroid link 


Module Six


Leaky gut and Autoimmunity

  • Understanding what leaky gut is
  • How you can get leaky gut
  • Leaky gut and it's connection to autoimmunity


Module Seven


Mood, Anxiety, Sleep and Hypertension

  • Biochemical imbalances in the body that affect Mood and Anxiety
  • Posture and Mood, Depression and Anxiety
  • Sympathetic activation and Sleep
  • Sympathetic Activation, chronic stress and hypertension 



Module Eight


Home recommendations of the SD Protocol

  • What your patients can be doing at home
  • Whole body focus
  • How to help an individuals main stressor


Module Nine


Chiropractic in room specific SD Protocol

  • What you as a chiropractor can do
  • Specific SD Protocol Adjustments
  • Other techniques and SD recommendations for patients


Module Ten



How you can;

  • Identify SD in your patients
  • What to do about it
  • The impact you can have



Enrol online today


Enrolment gives you access to the theory component of the Practitioner training. Upon completion you will still be required to participate in a practical workshop to be listed as a SD Practitioner.

"The SD protocol was a real eye opener on piecing togethers lots of seemingly 'random' symptoms and conditions that we see every day in practice and don't necessarily completely get to the bottom of. It gave me simple tools to use to help patients understand what is happening with their health and how to take control of the situation and work towards overcoming these issues, overall i am very excited to start working with my patients, friends and family to help them achieve greater health in situation where i previously would not have know how to."

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